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ADULT CIRCUS CLASS: Aerial Bar Night – Level 1 Lyra Drop-In West Hartford Location

Welcome to aerial bar night! For the summer months of 2024 we will focus on the hoop (lyra). This class is appropriate for students new to the lyra as well as those with prior experience with the emphasis on level 1 skills.

About Lyra: Our steel hoops are taped and hung vertically from a single point on a swivel allowing you to float and spin in beautiful poses. In this class, you will learn mounts, dismounts, skills, sequences, and smooth transitions from one skill to another. Skills are developed through learning tricks and poses underneath and inside the hoop. This class begins with a thorough warm-up designed to prepare the body for aerial work and ends with a brief cool-down.

Pre-Requisite: None. Come fly with us!


Date: Monday, Jul. 22

Time: 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

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