ADULT CIRCUS CLASS: Level 1+ Silks Drop-In

This class is for adult students with prior experience in aerial silks and meets the pre-requisites listed below. This class will also benefit students familiar with silks who are looking to brush up on strength, technique, and exploring innovative silks sequencing/choreography. This class is taught by our certified silks instructor, Jessa Audet, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes. This class will incorporate a wide variety of progressions and modifications which will allow all students to be challenged and taught at their own level of experience.

Pre-Requisite: Must have previous silks experience. Must have completed our basic silks curriculum.* Must be able to climb (Russian climb or regular climb) to the top of the silks with a safe and controlled descent. Must be able to put double footlocks on in the air and be familiar with hip key progressions. Age 16 and up or by permission of instructor.

*Students new to aerial silks can take our Thursday Level 1 sling series where the basic silks curriculum will be taught. Many of the beginner silks skills replicate skills “on the knot.” Students wanting to advance to Level 1+ will learn all the pre-requisites listed above along with basic sling skills. Sling classes are the best way to prepare for aerial, and most directly silks, as the apparatus is the same, just tied differently.

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Date: Wednesday, Jun. 8

Time: 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Spaces remaining for booking: 1

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