ONLINE YOGA WORKSHOP: Aerial Yoga & Nervous System Regulation: The science behind the shapes

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) tells us how we are doing at any given moment. Understanding the role of the ANS can be a powerful ally in helping us meet life’s challenges and promoting a sense of well-being. Everyone can benefit from understanding the way the nervous system works and learning how to harness the power of ANS regulation. In this workshop, you will learn about somatic resourcing as a tool for nervous system regulation. Somatic resources are capacities that reside in the body and provide a sense of well-being and competency on a physical level. Somatic resources allow us to shift the inner sensory landscape of our bodies. After learning about the ANS system and how it works you will learn and practice a variety of somatic resources. We will then apply these resources to aerial yoga asana. The hammock is a powerful prop that naturally promotes somatic resourcing and nervous system regulation. Learn how our hammock prop contributes to nervous system regulation and how to apply this in your teaching and/or practice of aerial yoga.

  • This workshop is offered online via the SecureVideo platform.
  •  You do not need access to a hammock to take this workshop. Access to a hammock can be beneficial but is not required.
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Pre-Requisites: This workshop is geared toward aerial yoga instructors as well as aerial yoga practitioners interested in learning more about the autonomic nervous system.

Join Jayne as she integrates her knowledge of neuroscience, somatic psychology, and aerial yoga asana to better strengthen the body’s system for regulating arousal, a crucial aspect for cultivating a sense of well-being and mastery in meeting life’s challenges. Jayne is a licensed psychotherapist with 35 years of experience. She is in private practice in Hartford, CT where she works with clients of all ages on a wide range of issues.

Date: Saturday, May. 7

Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Spaces remaining for booking: 2

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