SOAR WORKSHOP: Aerial Yoga For Aerialists & Experienced Aerial Yogis

The fabric hammock is a powerful prop that can take your yoga practice to a new level. Advanced aerial yogis and aerialists alike will enjoy the challenge of more complex and intricate aerial yoga asana. In this workshop, we will explore many variations of handstands, back walkovers, open hammock shapes, rolling transitions, and variations on dancer pose. Good awareness and familiarity with hammock placement are required along with adequate grip and arm strength. Stretch and flex options will be offered as well.

Pre-requisites: Prior experience with aerial hammock/sling and/or aerial yoga is required (Must have taken 5-10 classes in aerial yoga or sling acrobatics).

Date: Saturday, Jun. 4

Time: 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Spaces remaining for booking: 4

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