Contemplating the Spiritual Aspects of Aerial Yoga

LowBaddhaKonasanLisaLizMany of us are drawn to aerial yoga for the health benefits: stronger muscles, improved flexibility and ease of motion, improved alignment and a calmer nervous system. Others are attracted to the novelty, playfulness and the opportunity to invert and flip. Some of us find a connection with spirit through aerial yoga. The fabric hammock becomes an extension of our being. Enclosed inside the hammock, hidden from view, spiritual gifts can grow. Our physical conversation with the hammock sharpens and strengthens our skills of inner looking and listening. Supported and held by the hammock, we fall into the immense depths within and plug into the great mystery that is life, discovering that we are indeed “the universe in ecstatic motion.” (Rumi)

Some questions for contemplation:

1. How is the holy mystery moving in my aerial yoga practice right now?
2. What spiritual gifts are being shaped and formed through my aerial yoga practice?
3. How is my aerial yoga practice food for spiritual growth?
4. Are there times during aerial yoga that I feel God’s radiance within?
5. Are there times during aerial yoga that I feel spirit, like gravity, pulling me to the balanced center of myself?
6. Are there times during aerial yoga that I feel God’s hands holding me?

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