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What Is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga joins traditional yoga and the aerial arts creating an integrated practice using the circus fabric to partially or fully support the body in traditional yoga postures. The circus fabric hammock allows us to surrender to the force of gravity, offering a gentle invitation for the body to relax, let go, and surrender. In aerial yoga, we realign the body with the pull of gravity and then rebuild and strengthen the body from this new alignment.

Connecticut Aerial Yoga?

Connecticut Aerial Yoga is rooted in Unnata® Aerial Yoga developed by Michelle Dortignac. Unnata is the Sanskrit word for “elevated” reflecting both physical and spiritual elevation. Unnata® Aerial yoga utilizes longer held postures, and floor to air comparisons, to improve flexibility, alignment and strength. Some traditional yoga postures are inverted with the assistance of the hammock. In Unnata® Aerial Yoga the hammock prop is integrated into a traditional Hatha yoga class. All Connecticut Aerial Yoga instructors are Unnata® Certified completing 65 hours of rigorous and comprehensive advanced training available only to previously certified yoga instructors. Our teachers are highly competent and will deliver a well sequenced, creative and exciting aerial yoga class.

Connecticut Aerial Yoga is dedicated to offering a wide variety of aerial classes ranging from a Unnata® style class a more circus inspired class where flying, flipping and aerial poses are incorporated as well as restorative and yin-style class, where rest and deep relaxation are the focus.

Who is Aerial Yoga For?

  • Students new to yoga
  • Experienced students who want to enhance and deepen existing practice
  • Students who want to explore inversions, deeper stretches and backbends
  • Students who would like to experience more advanced yoga postures and struggle with advanced postures in a traditional class
  • Students with lower back sensitivity
  • Those healing from minor injuries
  • Student’s who are interested in deepening access and connection to body intelligence and wisdom

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

  • Restore the body to it’s natural state of alignment
  • Increase body awareness
  • Promote concentrated awareness
  • Cultivate connection to source or deep self
  • Awaken life force (prana)

CAUTION: Physician consultation and caution is recommended for the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cataracts
  • Pregnancy
  • Tendency toward motion sickness
  • Arthritis in hands and feet