Aerial Yoga Classes in Hartford, Connecticut

Hi All,

I am thrilled to be offering aerial yoga classes in Hartford. When I first started teaching Kripalu Yoga at the LivingWell Centre last year, I immediately recognized that the studio would be a perfect home for aerial yoga. Of course, I hadn’t received my training yet, nor did I know a thing about rigging the fabric hammocks! Fortunately, my training confirmed what I already knew; aerial yoga would indeed come to Hartford, Connecticut.

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There are many aspects of aerial yoga that appeal to me: the way it makes my back feel, the way that it calms my nervous system, the way it activates my core, the thrill of turning upside down and letting all of my tension drain out. But the aspect of aerial yoga that I delight in the most is how accessible this type of yoga is for most bodies: Older bodies, physically challenged bodies, inflexible bodies, strong bodies, bodies of all sizes and shapes, curious bodies; I could go on and on but you get the point. Since teaching my first class in September 2013, I have witnessed all kinds of bodies, do all kinds of postures, with the support of the fabric hammock: standing splits, handstands, aerial bound angle pose and of course, savasana, final relaxation posture, cocooned in the hammock.

I hope you will join me for class, and tell your friends. Discover the union of body and spirit that is so true to yoga, but with the excitement of the aerial arts and the joy of playful exploration.

Jayne Dean

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