Aerial Yoga & Yin Yoga

hc-aerial-yoga-20131102-005Unnata® Aerial Yoga and Yin Yoga have a lot in common. While Unnata® Aerial Yoga does involve a lot of Yang Yoga – yoga that strengthens the muscles – there is also a distinct Yin quality to this style of aerial yoga. Woven into the practice are longer held Yin-like postures that relax the muscles in order to stress the joints, ligaments, and fascia. Both Unnata® Aerial Yoga and Yin Yoga embrace the effects of gravity to realign the body. Supported by both gravity and the hammock, the deeper, denser, connective tissue of the body receive a gentle compression. This compression nourishes, hydrates and restores the vitality of the tissue resulting in greater ease of motion. Many postures in Unnata® Aerial Yoga are quiet and still. We literally ‘hang out’ and let gravity do the work. And, within this stillness, we cultivate an internal focus, an introversion of mind, which is such an important element of yoga.

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