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Aerial Yoga Playground in Hartford, CT

I just love this photo. I think it captures how playful aerial yoga can be. The students in this photo are exploring the back straddle inversion. In all of my aerial yoga classes, I include time to “play” with being upside down. Extended hold times allow students to deepen into their experience and to experiment with variations of the posture. Students can investigate a wide variety of possibilities: What if I tip this way or that way? What if I bend my knee, or grab my ankle, or hook a foot? What sensations do I experience? What feels good for my body? Where do I want to linger?  How do I know when it is time to come out of the posture? Research has shown that play, especially whole body play, promotes neurological growth and development. More importantly, play brings joy and contentment. Come join us in the aerial yoga playground!


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